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We worry about your accounting and tax matters so you don’t have to.

“Collecting more taxes than is absolutely necessary is legalized robbery.”

Accountancy and Tax Specialists

Our Range of Services


Whether you are setting up a new business or switching accountants, our experts are on hand to handle all statutory accountancy


We are here to give you a helping hand to ensure your business is on the right path to success. Business start up advice and planning, forecasting and budgeting for established businesses.


From Corporate Tax to Personal and Trust Tax, we handle your tax affairs from start to finish. Our knowledge of tax and planning goes beyond that of what some other accountants can offer.

Company Secretarial

Every Company and LLP is a separate legal entity that is required to keep statutory books and records to ensure filing requirements are managed. See our range of services for more information.

Business Management

From bookkeeping and VAT to handling your payroll department, let us take the hassle out of these tasks to let you focus on your business and earn profits.

Specialist Services

We offer tailor made solutions to ensure you and your family are in a position to prosper for now and in the future.

Why Choose Us?

We are your business partner to navigate and guide you through the world of accounting and tax.


Our Mission

We go above and beyond the day to day remit of accountants to ensure you and your business are kept on track, now and in the future.


Our Vision

Our proactive, jargon free approach has enabled many of our clients to maximise income, minimise taxes, whilst allwoing them to focus and grow their businesses.

Sole Traders & Partnerships

Transparency is a keyword

The capital markets & investors use the information provided by us. We know our onus of responsibility!

Limited Companies

Transparency is win-win

Tax transparency & responsibility requires each of us to be accurate in the disclosure of statements.

Limited Liability Partnerships

Skills are to be shared

We use our skills gained over a period to help your work to be smarter, quicker & stronger.


Trusts and much more

Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Our passion for supporting you propels us forward. We salute your spirit of enterprise!

Company Testimonials

Meet Our Team

The Amak team are dedicated and passionate about their work.We are always on hand to deal with clients needs.Here are a few key members of the team




Business Analyst

Management Accounts Package

We bring your numbers to life in a clear concise manner with our automated management accounts package.

Amak CRM System

We have created events of all the important dates and deadlines into our software and you will be notified by email and sms automatically. Therefore, no deadlines will ever be missed.

Amak Cloud

Developed by our inhouse software team. Every client benefits from our free cloud service to ensure all documents and data are kept safely and securely.

Automated Response Forms

From time to time we will send you response forms to gather information securily and submissions requirements quickly and conveniently.