Our Awesome Team



Managing Director

His technical accounting and tax knowledge has helped many clients over the years. Whether is to maximise profits, minimise tax liabilities or just get clients out of a pickle, his never ending drive and desire ensures top class service for all clients. He is the founder of AMAK & Co, continuously working to achieve the best for our clients.

In his spare time, he enjoys watching cricket and playing with his two young boys.


Head of Business Development

Always developing and driving AMAK forwards, he is the go-to guy when clients have a problem and comes up with creative solutions to get these fixed! Second to none when it comes to financial modelling, clients have relied upon his expertise in systems, business plans and forecasts as well as accounting and tax matters.

Loves Man Utd, watching cricket, cars and going to the gym!




Marketing Lead

Having spent many years working for large multinational companies in Silicon Valley and London, Payal is the engine behind the AMAK brand. She is an expert consultant in the field of lead generation and product management and has devised solutions for clients in this field.

In her spare time, she loves going to fancy restaurants and dancing with her young daughter!


Practice Manger

She is the glue that holds the organisation together! She is our Practice Manager working tirelessly to ensure that the operation runs like clockwork. Maryam also deals with back office tasks to assist the team in their day to day operations.

In her spare time, she cooks amazing food, draws, and looks after her sons! Where does she find the time?!